Thursday, 26 February 2015

Jumpstarting Spring

So another way to cheer myself up is to start the growing process for the coming spring and summer. It's been very damp these days and I'm quite achy and painful so need a nice distraction.

I always start off with the tomatoes and peppers so did my usual soaking the seeds in water for a day before planting.  For larger seeds I soak for a couple of days.  I do this with just about every seed I plant and find that this helps get things started very nicely.  I can spot the beginnings of a root before planting seeds so I can eliminate the dud seed situation almost entirely. Whether it survives in the soil is another matter.

I planted these tomato seeds on the 13th of February.  Here's what I spotted on the 19th.  If you look carefully you can spot something breaking the soil surface. Can you see it?