Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Welcome to Spring!

During the second and third week of March we were teased with a bit of Spring weather.  Then we had a frost and were back into winter.  Slowly but surely we’re working our way back into Spring.  Thank goodness for that because my poor, achy joints can’t take much more of this damp, cold and rainy weather.

I’m also glad because my tomato plants which I grew from seed are taking up space in my cramped living room when they should be outside on the balcony for the summer already.

Seedlings on the window sill

Summer Home on the living room  floor

I'll be making progress reports on them as the Spring and Summer progress.  Hopefully the next photos will be outdoors!

Spring also brings new life and into our building a new life was born on Sunday morning when our upstairs neighbours welcomed a beautiful, tiny baby girl into their  home and lives via a home birth.  She’s absolutely beautiful and perfect and although she was late and her Mama was getting tired of being pregnant she chose to be born on Earth Day. 

I made a little gift to brighten her world and it’s been hanging in my living room for nearly 3 weeks now.
The finishing touch:

It’s made with mostly natural materials: 100% cotton and wooden beads except for the “made with love” heart .  I can’t vouch for it’s “natural-ness” but it’s very cute.

It’s time to turn it over to baby Ilaria now.  With love…….

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