Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I’ve been waiting for some packages to be delivered so have been stuck in the house the  past couple of days.  The weather has been absolutely splendid though and  I've been spending my afternoons on the balcony working on the sofa throw.

It's about 39 1/2"(1 meter) square now.  Slowly but surely....

There's also been some progress with the little garden on my balcony.

The beginnings of the first strawberries.


A beautiful and very fragrant gardenia.  I wish you could smell it!

The merest hint of a Chinese Lantern has emerged!  I'm so proud of this since I managed to save it from last summer and get it to spring to life again this year.  I've still got a small bowl of the lanterns from last year sitting on my window sill in the kitchen.  The colour of them has cheered me up throughout the cold, dark winter.

And it's not just outside that there's been progress.

I finally got stuck in there and pressed all fabric, cut out all of the squares and have them counted and labeled since I had more of some fabric than others. In my old patchworking days I used a cardboard template, chalk and scissors.  This time around I'm armed with a great, plastic template (which won't slowly become 5 3/4" when it started out as 6"), a rotary cutter and mat.  I was able to cut out multi layers at once which cut the cutting out time down to a fraction of what it used to be.  The cutting was a bit hard on my wrist though and I had to take it easy with it today.

I’ve been playing around with the patterns and have got what I think my layout is going to be.  The weather has been too distracting to take out the sewing machine and move on to the next phase.

I was also side-tracked by needing to get my summer clothes down from there storage spot on top of the wardrobes.  I had to get the big ladder out and go up and down it several times with large plastic tubs full of clothes.  But I paced myself and got it all done and the winter clothes are where the summer clothes used to be and I won’t be hot and sweaty in my clothes like I was yesterday when I went out a bit over dressed for the weather and felt like a walking sauna. L

Tonight I’m just taking it easy and watching tv (Next Great Artist on Sky Arts) and blogging.  I’ll probably get in a bit of hooking when I finish this. 

I’m hoping for another beautiful, warm and sunny day tomorrow but if it’s not I’ve got my patchwork project to work on since I’m still waiting for the packages….

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