Monday, 28 May 2012

Tinkering and Fine Tuning

Today I’m doing this post from my balcony where it’s a very hot 27c (80f) in the shade and the sun umbrellas are in full use today.
 The weather has been spectacular for several days now.  I love this weather!  I would like to take this love affair with it from a mere flirtation to a more permanent relationship.  I'd marry this weather if I could!    

 I’ve been spending lots of time out on the balcony enjoying the weather and crocheting, dreaming and tending to my plants. 

When I’ve been indoors I’ve been tinkering around and fine-tuning my blog.   I’ve added some “social”buttons and stuff like that and I also figured out a way to add my real signature.  It involved trying to remember how to use a photo editing program.  The only one I really learned was Paint Shop Pro which was about 12+ years ago.  It was just a phase I was in and then the software was out of date (I had Windows 98 SE back then) and I just forgot all about it.   I recently treated myself to Photoshop but was overwhelmed with it all.  But I wanted a signature on my blog.  And when I want something I’m quite persistent with it until I’ve got it.  So I played around a bit and uploaded it to the blog and then saw that I had a white background with it.  After a bit of Googling I realised that what I needed to do was make the background transparent.  Holy crap!  I know I used to know how to do that but hadn’t the foggiest idea how to do it the other night.  I fiddled and played with PS  and finally figured it all out.  Yay!   I tested it out and it worked.  I don’t know who to add to it my HTML code (like I had to do for other modifications/additions) so that it’s permanently inserted in my posts but at least I got it.  I have to insert it as a photo to each and every post but at least it’s there.   I’m a happy camper now.  I just need to get someone to read it , comment and maybe follow me. 
 I’ve also managed to get the sewing machine set up (and my orthopaedic cushion in place on my chair) and am ready to get started with sewing some squares together.  I don’t have any designated sewing room or craft room (one of my fantasies) in my house since it’s too small for anything like that.  I have to set up in the dining area of our living room and I’m not looking forward to also having to have the iron and ironing board out, though.  Nonetheless, I’m good to go.  When the weather turns and balcony life is interrupted I’ll turn my full attention to this project.
I haven’t done any hooky stuff in the past couple of days .  I was so obsessed with getting my blog all pimped up that I neglected that a bit.  It’ll be business as usual with my I hook tonight, edging closer and closer to finishing the sofa throw.
I’m going to leave you all here for now.  My poor plants are gasping for something to drink and so am I.

Bye for now!

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