Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dear June,

You have been a very big disappointment to all who love you.  Instead of being sun-shiney friendly, warm  and gentle you roared with your winds, shouted at us with your thunder and peed on us almost continuously.

We don’t like it and would like you to stop.  If you persist in this you will lose many fans.  We’ll defect to May or July as our favourite month.  April was very good this year  so you might be dumped in favour of her.  We will no longer consider you when planning weddings, picnics and other get-togethers and celebrations.  Those of us unlucky to be born in June might consider re-locating their celebrations to  one of your rival months.

You think you were clever in your tricks and your scorn for us.  The only thing you didn’t take into account was Mother Nature showing you just how more powerful She is than you,  her lowly servant.

Just take a look at what  She’s done for my tomatoes........
As you can see there’s tiny little future tomatoes sprouting up all over. 

And over at the Chinese Lanterns:

Little lanterns in progress !

So as you can see my mini garden and gardens of all sizes everywhere are doing well despite your misbehaving and bad temper.

So take that June!

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