Monday, 2 July 2012

Hi July!

Another week and another month.  I was glad to see the back of June, one of the wettest  Junes that I can remember.  The rain brings dampness and humidity and neither of these helps  the rheumatic symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  I’ve spent much of the past few weeks trying to make the best out of not feeling well and being in pain much of the time. 

But onwards and upwards and July has  arrived acting like it’s trying to kick June in the ass as it exited.  The sun has been coming out more in the past couple of days but we’ve got a good bit of wind and sudden showers still.  At least I’m not feeling as achy now.

I was even able to enjoy to a visit from my friends Gill and Steve who came to Amsterdam for the first time ever.  I had fun showing them around and being able to walk more than I have been able to do in months. 

Slowly but surely I’m still working on my soft furnishing project.  Here’s what the pillows look like so far. I’ll post close-up photos of some of them when they’re all finished.


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