Saturday, 25 August 2012

Behind The Scenes

Hello Friends and Curious Anonymous Readers,

The past few weeks have just flown by so here I am trying to make at least one post for August.

We’ve  had a spell of summer weather lately and what a joy it is to feel the soothing warmth of the sun and to be able to wear summer clothes for a change.  I’ve been taking lots of walks in the  Oosterpark  which is  down the street from my house.  Me and my crutch have been having afternoon strolls there where I can take a rest on various benches throughout and enjoy the views.  This is the view from one of my favourite benches: 

 Sometimes I like listen to the sounds of the park: people, birds, ducks, the flow of the water, etc. but sometimes I like to listen to music.  Walking with a crutch only leaves me with one free hand so trying to deal with always tangled up ear buds finally drove me to some action.  I got out my stash of colourful crochet cotton and sizes 3 (2.10mm) steel hook and proceeded to do a single crochet all around the wires but having different colours for the two sides and the connection part.  It took a couple of hours but has been well worth it.  No more tangles!  
I have two sets of ear buds, one I keep in my bag for when I’m out and the other for the house  (I love my music! ) and have wrapped both of them now.  I wish I had thought of this before…..

Behind the scenes I’ve been keeping those hands busy as much as my EDS/Fibromylagia has allowed me to.  I’ve also been giving more thought to how to make day to day life easier for myself.  I’m still continuing on my project to eliminate store bought cleaners and substituting with cheaper, natural products.  There’s been lots of experimenting and lots of suprises.  I’ll give the full update on that soon.

I’ve been making slow progress on the sofa throw and it’s now ready for the final, lacy  rows to finish it off.  I’ve been trying to decide on the perfect pattern for it but hope to start on it and finish it off this week.  Here it is so far, all 60 “ ( 153cm) of it.  It looks a little boring in the photo and it did become monotonous to work so long on the same colour but the feel of the yarn was lovely.  It’s a cotton with silky thread mixed in.
There will be a whole post soon  for photos of the finished throw and the pillow covers, etc. that I’ve been working on.

My little balcony garden has been coming along in leaps and bounds . My tomatoes seem to be growing and ripening later than my neighbours and it’s because I grew mine from seeds.  Next year I’m going to start the seeds a bit sooner than I did this year, probably around the beginning of February.
This is only a section of one of the 5 plants in progress.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with them all at once!

PS: If you read this blog please leave a comment and let me know you were here.  This blog is a little lonely for some friends. <smile>

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