Sunday, 23 September 2012

It’s Done!

Hello Friends and Curious Anonymous Readers,

I hope that all is good with you wherever you are. :-)

This month has fairly flown by as well.  I’ve had a bit of trouble getting around lately so have been busying myself with things I can do at home and not exert myself too much.  I’ve had a few days of wrist problems though so even crocheting was either very painful or just impossible due to  frequent subluxations (partial dislocations) which is part of the Hypermobility/EDS “package”.

I’m feeling content right now  though because I finally, I mean FINALLY finished the green throw /blanket thingy for my living room.  I  started it in the beginning of May thinking I would have it finished by the middle of June but it took much longer than expected to finish as usual. 

It’s about 68”(173 cm) x 68”(173) cm—A large square!

 I used  this yarn:   for the body of  it and this yarn: for the trim . The shop does a very nice range of yarns with good service, very prompt delivery and reasonable costs.  It started out as a circle and I did it in a basic granny square pattern.  I increased the hook size after the first ½ meter or so around just for fun and  (also because I had the idea that a larger hook would go faster ) and the slight variation can be seen here if you look carefully.  It got a little bit  bulky to work because it was so large though the yarn is very lightweight.

I loved the feel of the silky yarn mixed with the cotton although it was a bit slippery and using a larger hook  than normally would be used on this weight of yarn didn’t help.

And this is where it’s going to reside along with new pillow covers I’ve been making with the old fabric remnants I’ve collected over the years.

It’s adding a touch of colour and style while doubling as a comfy blanket for those afternoon snoozes.  Why have a plain old sofa when you can dress it up with all sorts of hand made soft furnishings?    I like changing them around from season to season or whenever I get bored with what’s on there at the moment.   I’m not really pleased with the arm caps on the sofa  (which are necessary around here for protection from clumsiness) and am thinking of something hooked rather than fabric……..

Today I’m busy with my last bit of baking and cooking in preparation for a visit from my son.  I don’t get to see him very often as he leads a very busy life and lives in a different country and traveling for me is quite difficult.   So I’m very much looking forward to seeing him and treating him to Mom’s cooking.  I’ve decided to make something in the slow cooker which I can prepare ahead of time and not tiring myself out with getting up and down  or standing to tend to what’s on the stove or in the oven.  It’s a gadget that makes my life so much easier and I can enjoy having guests rather than being exhausted by the time they arrive from all the preparation.  I did my baking for this  occasion a little at time over the past week and put it in the freezer.  There’s bread, cakes and cookies all for the enjoyment of Sonny Boy.  :-)

PS:  I need to work on taking and fixing up  photos .  I have two cameras and never seem to be able to get the settings correct.  They always look smaller and further away than they are. 

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