Sunday, 17 March 2013

Springing Back

Hello Friends and Curious Anonymous Readers!

Happy St.. Paddy’s Day to all.  It’s three years today since I had  all my wordly goods loaded on to a moving van and then left my life in Ireland behind.  I thought there was a certain irony to leaving on it’s most celebrated day.  I was making a different kind of toast than probably everyone else that day at the bar at Belfast Airport or on the flight out.  Sometimes I miss my home there and especially at this time of the year I miss my garden.  The cherry blossom tree outside of my bedroom window would have been blooming right about now and the daffodils in the front of my house would be starting to open up and say hello to spring.  I dug this old photo up to show you:

The weather is still quite cold and there have been random flakes of snow coming down nearly every day although none of it has accumulated thankfully.   But in spite of winter’s tenacious nature spring is advancing forward. 

I’ve been carefully watching the tree in the back garden from the comfort of my favourite chair. I’ve been watching the changes for about 10 days now.  This is what it looked like about 4 days ago.  It’s growing very slowly every day and it’s fun to just sit and see the gradual process. It’s cheering and encouraging to see when I’m not feeling well and I’m spending a lot of the time in the chair

I also managed a walk in Oosterpark the other day and spotted buds and colour : 

I was walking on a path and this was to the right of it.  That was the spring side. On the left was this:

Pure winter!  The birds were flying over and skating on patches of ice in the water.  All the while the odd flakes of snow were coming down here and there.

I prefer to think of things on the right side of the path right now!

As you can see, I’ve manged to succeed in my next step in blog world: to put emoticons/smileys in my post.  I like to use them as back up to   convey my feelings when I say something in text.    I tried every single HTML script suggestions I could find on the ‘net to accomplish such thing  o n the tool bar where I compose my posts but none of them worked.  Luckily I had the foresight to save my template before trying them.     I finally came up with a teeny-weeny bit fittery  way of doing it without scripts but “mission accomplished” .  I’m still looking for one because it would be easier and permanent.  But this will do for now although I might be over the whole thing now for all the formatting hassle it causes.

My next blog-related project is to figure out how to edit my photos so that they look as good on here as they do on my laptop.  Any suggestions that don’t involve having to buy an expensive  new camera with all sorts of complicated  doo-dahs and buttons?

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