Friday, 3 May 2013

The Birds And The Bees And The Trees

Hello Friends And Curious Anonymous Readers,

Well, it’s been a long wait for spring to finally arrive.  I think it’s safe to say that as of this past weekend, it’s here at long last.

I’ve been busy watching nature show me all the signs. First it was “the neighbours”.  These birds have been hanging out in that same tree for as long as I’ve been here.  I first noticed that they met there around 4 pm-ish.  Then I observed them sparring for what I thought was territory and then upon further observation noticed that they were mating. 

I watched them every afternoon from the comfort of my comfy lounge chair and let them be my entertainment.  I now know when they’re  hatching because only one will show up to sit for a while and then just when the other one appears it takes off.  I can’t figure out where their nest is but it’s somewhere very close by, perhaps even on some part of the roof in this building.  The first time only one appeared I got very worried as I know that they pair generally for life.  A bit of Googling told me that city pigeons can live for up to 15+ years.  So, they could still have a fw more years yet to entertain me but I don’t know how old they were when I first moved here.  
But moving on…I saw them collecting twigs and dried up stems of dead plants from all the gardens and balconies back here. So I know that that nature’s spring renewal was on it’s way.

On the subject or birth, I was reading recently about this and saw a piece on this on tv   Lotus Birth. I’m all for natural but this isn’t really natural, is it?  All other animals with umbilical cords chew through it to separate baby from what it doesn’t need any more.  Sometimes I think us having a supposedly rational brain that allegedly gives us dominance and superiority over the rest of animal-dom hasn’t really worked.  I don’t think anything said in defense of this could make me see it as anything other than lunacy but I’m open to your thoughts on this.  And to add further to the birth topic, the upstairs neighbour is expecting again in 3 weeks time!  It was a surprise pregnancy following soon after the birth of the last one whose 1st birthday party we attended last Saturday.  It seems like only a few months ago I made this  for them. So there’ll be another  new life in this building soon as she chooses to birth at home. She doesn’t do the Lotus Birth though, smart woman.

The first bumble bee has chased me from the balcony to the safety of indoors already prompting me to get the Epi-pens sorted out for this year.  Having had a few very serious reactions to bee stings I started to faithfully have one nearby at this time of year but luckily since I’ve started that practice no bees have got me since.  (My new allergic thing seems to be raw pineapple , of all things. I actually got the Epi-pen out and ready to go when my throat started closing up and my tongue swelling the last time I had some.  It had happened a couple of time before that but as severe and it took me a while to realize that I had developed a new thing to be allergic to.)   You’ll understand though, if I don’t supply a photo of said bee since no way was I getting close enough to one to do that!

All the plants are in bloom and my tomatoes, etc. are enjoying sunny but sometimes cool weather.  I’m still taking them in at night since it’s still going down to not much more than freezing.  I’m thinking of letting them stay out full time this weekend and just take my chances. 

Taking a walk in Flevo Park a few weeks ago I happened upon this tree which I found to be very interesting.

With all the mating and new life going on all around I thought that the trees were even trying to get in on the act!  There was definitely an insertion of one small tree into the other.  I checked the root patterns and it seemed to be two different trees.  Very curious!!

I haven’t been able to get around that much lately because of the affect of the changing climate on my body, mostly my joints.  I have days when I feel like I way about 100 lbs. more than I do and with a lot of flue-y type aches and pains. My knee swells up at lot at this time and alternates between being very tight and locking up to slipping out of place at any given time whether sitting, standing or walking.  The loose and slippy joints in my shoulders and wrist make it difficult to support myself with the crutch that my knee requires.  Luckliy I can watch spring happen from my chair and my wrist still allow me to crochet.  For some reason for which I’m extremely grateful for I can usually still manage a bit of hooking when nothing else on my is working properly.  Sometimes it’s a good relaxing exercise to shift my attention from my pain to something positive I can see happening in front of me. 
Here’s a couple of things that I’ve made lately.

The rest you can see here  or you can click the Flickr gadget on the right of this page.

Another positive thing is that Marks & Spencer has returned to Amsterdam.  Happy Days!  It couldn’t have come at a better time, when standing up to cook and even cutting and preparing food is painful, difficult/impossible.  I’ve managed to cut my fingers a few times lately while attempting to cook.  Me and my kitchen are on a break right now and M&S has taken over.  Crumpets, oh how I’ve missed you!  And I’ve been introduced or should I say seduced into the fun of Percy Pigs (veggie version.) for my sweet tooth.  Damn you, Steve!   I’ve bought a selection of meals and sides to keep me for a few days.  Getting there is relatively easy if I can make the 5 minute walk to the tram stop.  Today, I got there and back in less than an hour including a long leisurely perusal of all the shelves and aisles while deciding on a well-rounded 5 day menu based on what they have.  Alas, they were out of their wonderful cole-slaw--the only disappintment of my trip.

I’m trying to type this while sitting outside but the sun is getting way too brilliant in this spot to see the screen.  Rather than move around to a shadier spot I think I’ll end here and get my hook and yarn out and see what I come up with while enjoying these glorious rays from a more comfy chair.

Bye for now!