Friday, 15 November 2013

Inspiring Autumn

Hello Friends and Curious Anonymous Readers,

A couple of weeks ago I was mourning the end of the brilliant summer we had and the fact that an Indian Summer never materialized.  My tomatoes, peppers and sunflowers continued to grow and bloom but I needed to put on a sweater or jacket to sit out on the balcony, the leaves n the trees took on a variety of red, gold and brown shades and the rainy, windy weather started up.  So I decided to embrace the Autumn by crocheting something for the season.

It was a lot of fun to make.  I have fun seeing bits and pieces here and there online and then making it from just what I see.  I don’t really use patterns. I just look at an object and then imagine it constructed in yarn. I spend quite a bit of time checking out the pumpkin and gourd display on a trip to the local garden centre recently and didn’t buy anything. It takes a lot of experimenting and lots of frogging but it’s so satisfying to have someone correctly identify what it is that I’ve struggled to recreate. I’ve also learned to take very detailed notes as I go along so that I can recreate it again when I finally get it right.  I had it mostly all put together but felt that it was missing something.  I had made the sunflower last year and it was being displayed in a vase and admired by all that saw it.  The other day I was checking out the balcony after a severe storm and was doing an inventory of what was left and still viable.  Being prepared for the storm and securing as many of the plants as possible there I was fairly lucky.  The pot with sunflowers had been knocked over though but when I put it right I noticed that more flowers were just about to bloom and how pretty it looked in contrast to the multi-coloured leaves on the trees.   Thus I was inspired to add the sunflower to the wreath.  The whole wreath is a tribute to the beautiful coloured leaves, flowers, veggies, etc. that Nature gives us during this time of the year: a little something to cheer us up during the colder weather and shorter days.

The wreath is now on my front door where I hope it cheers everyone up as they go by my door in the cold, dark mornings on the way to work or school and in the dark, cold evenings as they return from their long day.

PS: I’m still working on how to get my photos to look better short of spending hundreds of €€s that I don’t have on a new and probably complicated camera.  I’ve really got to get to grips with the photo editing software that I have but find it all quite daunting.  And can I really improve the photo quality that much from a plain old point and shoot camera?

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