Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Little Treats

Something to Grow
It's that time of the year when I start planning what I'm going to have out on the balcony in the summer. I start mostly everything off in the house in late February-early March for growing outdoors from mid-April on.  I store all the seeds in the refrigerator since I only use a few at a time due to the small space I have for growing and they keep for years.  This is some of what I'm going to try this year. The tomatoes (not shown) are going to be started earlier since they were late in flowering last year when I started them off in early March and were still growing fruit when the cold weather finally finished the plants off. It was still a bumper crop so I wonder how many I'll have this year?


Something to Make 
Hooray for online shopping!
The possibilities are endless and my creative wheels are spinning.

It's all been moved to it's new place and has joined the rest of the group.heart

Basket of Colourful Happiness, Fun, Ideas and Imagination

 Something to eat
A very decadent and calorific Brunch for one. The amaretto was a sudden idea and a nice touch.

Tinned fruit is better than no fruit at all when it's hard to get out and shop .  I have a little stash of it that comes in handy at times like this.  This time it was pears.
Actually I made 4 slices and had some Marks & Spencers pork sausages to go with them with maple syrup over everything. I ate it all up.  Scrumptious!     

It's nice to give yourself little treats now and then.  What little treats have you given yourself lately?

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