Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spicing It Up

There have been a few niggling things going on in my private life in addition to a recent family bereavement.  I've decided (for once)  to leave it up to time to resolve them so I needed to channel that "jump into action, be pro-active" tendency and apply that to getting some things done around the house. . Some are DIY things that should have been 5 years ago when I first moved in here but hey ho, better late than never. I've completed these tasks in little spurts of feeling up to it. I'm still going through the flare up of my FM (Fibromyalgia) symptoms and allergies and the damp but unusually warm winter-spring  weather we've been having is making the Rheumatoid aspect of this illness cause me the most problems and pain. It doesn't help the pollen problems either.

My kitchen is very small and I love to cook so I've got lots of food and gadgets taking up space in it.  I built in a floor to ceiling food cupboard that along with giving me much needed cupboard space it also hides the awful looking pipes and water meter.   On the side of the cupboard I attached some shelves for my spices, herbs, beans, rices, nuts which are all stored in glass jars.  They last longer that way and I got into the habit of doing this many years ago when I lived in Brooklyn, New York in a lovely, very large old house which unfortunately had a major mouse problem and minor cockroach problem for a while. When I first put the shelves up four years ago I was in a bit of a rush because all of my furniture was being shipped over from Ireland and I needed to make room for all the stuff that was going to fit in my new down-sized space.  I cut the shelves to size, filled them up and was good to go.  The edges didn't have the finish on them like the front of the shelves.  I always felt that it gave a rather slap-dash look to them and it bugged me but I had loads of other things to attend to at the time.  I often looked at them while in the kitchen and think "I should fix this".  I even had the stuff to put on so it was just about taking the time out to do it.  Well, this week I finally did it!  Yay me!

I had to take everything off the shelves so I took time out to dust of the bottles and shelves and tidy them up.  I'm a bit obsessed with order so I have all of my shelves organised in a certain order, often alphabetical although the book shelves in my living room are organised by type/category. (I once worked in a public library.)  I noticed that this order has been somewhat disturbed by the other half who is Dutch.  When he uses the cinnamon he's put it back not on the shelves that have spices A-F but on the shelf for the G-L because it's kaneel in Dutch.  Chives are luckily on the right shelf because it bieslook in Dutch. I've asked him just put the spice back on the shelf he got it from if he uses them.  What's so difficult about that?  Apparently I should be lucky if he just remembers to put the covers on the jars properly. (Give me strength!)

What way to do you store your spices?   Do you think I have too many of them?

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