Monday, 5 May 2014

A Little Show and Tell

Hello Friends and Curious Anonymous Readers*,

*Shall I just refer to you all as FACARs from now on ? 

I hope you're all well and that spring is treated you kindly. It's a beautiful sunny, warmish day here and I've even enjoyed some balcony time.

Today I've decided to post but refrain my usual long-winded-ness. I'm saying it mostly with photos.  I aplogise again for the crappy photo quality.  (Anyone want to buy me a new camera?.)

Here is some of what I've been up to lately:

A butterfly I caught sitting on the window sill outside a few weeks ago while it was still early spring.  (I couldn't remember what folder I'd put it in until I was looking for something else.)   I was amazed at how colourful it was and that it was showing itself off so early in the spring.  Of course when I tried to get a a better photo by opening the door and going outside it flew away.  Perhaps a better camera might make taking photos through the window come out better.(sarcasm)

 My do-it-yourself "greenhouse" for herb, veggie and flower seedlings.  Most of them have made it through the seedling stage and are already outside now as plants.
A basket for the eggs I made last year.

 I started on this nearly two years ago making a few flowers and leaves here and there.  I used old yarn from some disaster I frogged last year to cover the styrofoam ring.  The bird and nest took me a while to get it lito look like how I had conceptualised it would be.  It was fun and I loved making flowers.  I pinned it all in place as I went along adjusting here and there to get the right visual balance of flowers, textures and colours.     It stopped being fun when it was time to take it all apart, put it all together again permanently and get out the glue gun.  I took photos of it before I did that to refer to it for reassembly.  Of course I burned my finger as I usually do with it (when will I ever learn?) and the fumes were a bit much at times. 

This was part of my foray into free form pieces.  I had all sorts of different motifs and shapes in a basket just waiting to be something.  I put one in a ring I had just covered in yarn to make something else just to see what it would look like and before I knew it it became this!  The beauty of it is that it's all pinned together so I can remove things if they're needed for something else or add/remove things as the mood strike me. 

In the meantime the wreath jas joined a couple of  larger free form shapes than I have plans for eventually but are adding some colour to a very bare wall above my bed.  I call it my works in progress canvas.
A new pillow to add to the bed collection.  This one is great for under my knee when it's acting up while I sleep at night.  It's a half-round form.
Here is a side view of it.  The back is just plain stripes with a zipper put in. (You can see more on the Flickr page.)   I think I'm done with making bedroom pillows in this colour scheme for now.  These are the winter colours.  I like to change the soft furnishings for summer and winter.

That's all for now.  Did you enjoy what you've seen?

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