Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May Days Part 1

Hello Peeps!

Wow! May is almost gone.  It's been a mostly nice month for me. I've been in a some pain (mostly my knee)  this month because of all the rain and dampness but looking at all the plants and flowers that are growing as a result cheers me up.  The view from my favourite chair is lush, and colourful and I'm thankful for that view when I can't get out and do much walking.

I finally got around to using a gift certificate from my wonderful son for the Aveda Dayspa for a Spa Treatment.  It's been a few years since I've done anything like this and it was heaven!  I nearly floated out of there when I left.  It was just what I needed.

We've used this time to fix up the garden outside at long last. It only took 5 years of living here to get around to it.  It's a communal garden but no one seems really interested in it and a couple of the residents are too elderly to be able to do much.  It's down two flights of stairs and there's no water tap out there so it was already a challenge for me.  The local cats have been making one corner of it nearest the building their public toilet.  We spent nearly and hour digging, sifting and lifting out all the crap.  There was a bit of old fence propped up against a neighbours shed and it gave me an idea.  Cats can't shit on what they can't dig it so to get them to forget about that spot I thought I'd make as difficult as possible for them.  I laid the old fence on the ground with the nails sticking up and planted a few things in the spaces where the slats had broken off.  Before planting I thoroughly watered the area with asafetida and lemon essential oils mixed into it.  Asafetida, appropriately nicknamed "Devil's Dung", stinks all on it's own.  It's a cross between garlic gone bad and onion gone bad.  It's powdered form (Hing) is used in very small pinches in Indian cooking to help the digestion. I know that cats don't like citrus smell and no one likes the asafetida smell so here's hoping......  The neighbours have noticed the smell that lasted for a couple of days. After planting we laid down some orange peels from our fresh squeezed that morning. The OH has been replacing them every morning with fresh ones.  I also got some stuff from the pet shop to sprinkle on the area for good measure and maybe can ease up on the essential oil waterings.  So far so good although I noticed yesterday that an attempt was made to dig but no deposits left.  I know the crapping won't stop immediately but if we clean up any that does end up there as soon as it's noticed and water down the area with more asafetida and lemon eventually they should give up and find somewhere else.  This method worked for me once before in Ireland when I was having trouble with some feral cats for a while only then I had powdered asafetida instead of the oil.
I've been enjoying sitting out there and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.  I'm on the lookout for a discarded table or two since what's out there is more than ready for the trash. Various chairs, discarded or unwanted by neighbours (including us),  have found there way out there so there's plenty of seats.  I'm looking forward to a barbecue or two before the summer is over.

Here are a few snaps of it.