Monday, 28 July 2014

June Was Gone Too Soon And July Went Flying By

...and here I am finally!

How are you all?

The weather has been mostly beautiful this past few weeks and I've been taking advantage of it by working on the garden downstairs.  Everything growing on the balcony is going full blast now and demanding a lot of attention with watering, pruning, staking, moving, etc.  Yesterday I had to have an emergency re-homing (with the help of my upstairs neighbour, Luigi) of this monster that grew way too large for the balcony and was way over two meters tall.
It's now enjoying the great outdoors of the garden and can reach it's full potential.  I need to read the seed packet next time for maximum heights next time!

My little flower patch in the garden is coming along quite well. Things are growing and flowering and generally settling into their new environment.
I'm particularly proud of the nasturtiums growing in there from seed.  I must take a better photo of them.  This one is a few days old and they've leapt up a few inches more since then.  The forks continue to keep the cats of it this area. The red spots on the ground surrounding the flower patch is my own mix of cayenne pepper, cinnamon and garlic which keeps the cats from crapping there,too.

 I've been largely successful with Operation No Crap In Our Garden and am claiming more and more space for growing and human enjoyment.  I'm full of ideas and plans for the garden for next year and beyond.  I'm trying or organise a communal veggie and herb garden although a couple of the residents here won't be participating either because they're too busy or too old/infirm. The two on the top floor have larger balconies and also rooftop gardens so aren't interested.  So I've asked the ones not participating if I can have their space. There is another section to this building which has a ground floor apartment for a disabled tenant and it has a whole garden the size of ours. I've become  fairly friendly with him (Theo)  and keep his spare key for when he locks himself out (which is usually at least once a week.)  When he gets his apartment cleaned every other week  the cleaner invariably disconnects his tv and/or the internet and my OH goes over to get it sorted for him. So he likes us and it's all very cordial.  He's not able to maintain his garden (he has Parkinson's) and it's like a jungle in there. This is the view of it from my balcony:

 So I asked  him if I could have part of his garden for growing veggies and in return would clear out and maintain the rest of it.  He was more then happy to accept my proposal with the proviso that I don't grow any onions.  Agreed!  (Onions weren't in my plans anyway.)  It'll take a while to clear that mess out and we'll do it after the summer hopefully with some of the other neighbours helping us out.  This is what it looks like when approaching it from our side:
It's about 2 meters tall and densely full of a lot of everything all tangled together. You can't even get through there so I will have to hack my way through.  Theo tried to get in there last week and couldn't when he locked himself out again and thought he could walk through our side into his back door.  I have my work cut out for me!

I just keep planning and dreaming of garden  fresh veggies for me!  Plus I love planting seeds and watching, tending and loving what grows from them. 

My next post (hopefully tomorrow) will be about some of the other things I've been doing and making over the past several weeks.  I hope you'll drop in and let me share this with you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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