Thursday, 26 February 2015

Jumpstarting Spring

So another way to cheer myself up is to start the growing process for the coming spring and summer. It's been very damp these days and I'm quite achy and painful so need a nice distraction.

I always start off with the tomatoes and peppers so did my usual soaking the seeds in water for a day before planting.  For larger seeds I soak for a couple of days.  I do this with just about every seed I plant and find that this helps get things started very nicely.  I can spot the beginnings of a root before planting seeds so I can eliminate the dud seed situation almost entirely. Whether it survives in the soil is another matter.

I planted these tomato seeds on the 13th of February.  Here's what I spotted on the 19th.  If you look carefully you can spot something breaking the soil surface. Can you see it?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Looking On The Bright Side

February can seem so dreary.  Even though the days are getting a bit longer there's still a lack of daylight/sunlight and along with the damp, windy and cold weather we probably all feel a bit down in the dumps. The weather doesn't help my joint problems either so I'm a bit more housebound at this time of year.  In an anti- SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) move I set up little corners of brightness and cheer around my house.  I used some SAD CFL light bulbs which I bought from, some clip-on lamps from and made use of a camera tripod and a music stand that I never use to set them up on.

Using these lights I've been able to keep the poinsettia in the second photo alive beyond Christmas which is a first for me.  It's not only alive but thriving and growing taller with new bracts all the time!

Making my surroundings a bit more bright,cheerful and cosy has gone a long way to lifting my spirit and helping me to look forward to the preparations for spring.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wintery Witterings

Whoosh!  There went December, January and this part of February in a fast moving haze.  In the haze was cooking, baking and decorating for Christmas, the cozy few days of family and holiday feasting (son came to stay for a few days) and admiring the tree and all the lights (we went a little over board with the bling this year) and the "gezellingheid" of it all, my birthday in the middle of January,
A beautiful handmade card, lamp and elephant were some of my presents