Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wintery Witterings

Whoosh!  There went December, January and this part of February in a fast moving haze.  In the haze was cooking, baking and decorating for Christmas, the cozy few days of family and holiday feasting (son came to stay for a few days) and admiring the tree and all the lights (we went a little over board with the bling this year) and the "gezellingheid" of it all, my birthday in the middle of January,
A beautiful handmade card, lamp and elephant were some of my presents

the sad anniversary of my oldest son's death (9 years ago)  at the end of January, my annual bout of flu (despite the flu shot I decided to have this year) , which leads me to here today.

I'm still a bit snotty and "cough-y" but I'm at the point that I can see "life after flu"and am looking forward to preparing for the Spring/Summer.

 My hooks have been busy during this time though and here's a few snaps of what I've made:

There's one each for us to snuggle under while watching the telly on these cold evenings. The second blanket was from a yarn pack and pattern from Lucy at Attic24.  I already had half of the colours for it left over from the first blanket and I also did a continuous repeat of the colour sequence rather than the grouping of colours that she had for her CAL (crochet along) on Ravelry.

This is a bolster pillow for my sofa as if I needed yet another pillow for it!

Some plant hangers for my plants. (It's becoming a jungle here!)  In the living room I used the track for the ill fitting drapes that OH had when I first moved it here for hanging plants from.  I had made some earlier from Zpagetti yarn but they didn't come out very well.  In fact, everything I've made from Zpagetti has been a disappointment except for this:

And moving on to non-hooky things here's the result of some bulbs that I planted in late November to force bloom in the house. 

Winter bulbs including crocus and snow drops

 I have a few pots of other types of bulbs in various places around here but they haven't had their "moment" yet.  One pot of tulips got infested with fungus gnats so I treated them (and their neighbours) with cinnamon and put them outside in the cold.  They're surviving but not really thriving and the cold has slowed down their growth.  This is the fourth year I've tried to force bulbs and previous years have ended in complete disaster because of the bugs.  Between hydrogen peroxide (30%) waterings and sprays and cinnamon sprinkled on the soil I think I've cracked it except for the one tulip pot. Yay me! 

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